Investing in an Executive Condo in Singapore

When I was looking at executive condos last year my wife told me that I should hold off on making any commitments or having us send in an application as she heard of a new project that was going to be built overlooking the Selatar Reservoir and the golf course there. I golf there, so that would be really great to live there. Then I saw advertisements for the parc life executive condos. I liked the project plans from the beginning. They are even going to have gas hobs instead of electric. I never liked cooking on electric stoves. Having a gas hob in our condo will be so much nicer.

The swimming pool design looks fabulous, and a lot of the units overlook the pool or other water features. We really like our water features and swimming pools here in Singapore. I have never seen more elaborate pools anywhere. The nearby trails and the resident use of steam rooms and other amenities is the standard condo fare we have been wanting too. Still, being close to the golf course is a great thing for me. I do not have to navigate much Singapore traffic to go and play. I like to play every weekend no mater what the weather is like. I have played in the sunshine and the rain. I have done 18 holes in howling winds and even when it is chilly out. I have an American friend who says I play in any weather like his American football teams do.

The fit and finish for our new condo is going to be top notch. We have liked the other projects built by this builder. When you are making an investment in a condo property, you want the building to be designed by the best and built with the best materials. Our condo is an investment for us. We will live there, but like other quality properties it will go up in value over the years that we hold it. We can downsize after the kids move out to a new place for practically no additional investment.