Making Own 3D Jigsaw Puzzle

One of the most pleasurable activities that you can do on a rainy afternoon is to make your own tridimensional jigsaw puzzle. It is both fun and rewarding, plus you will save some money by making it yourself. As you most likely already know, 3D puzzles can take many shapes and forms. From all of the variations available, one of the most popular is the one representing the globe. Other good examples include castles, ships, boats or famous structures like the Statue of Liberty or the Eiffel Tower.

First, you will need to decide the theme of the puzzle and the type of materials you want to make it out of. One example would be balsa wood which is a soft and thin type of wood that can be easily cut with a straight edge. Another good example would have to be foam board which is easy to work with and in most cases comes in 1/4-inch thick sheets. The puzzle’s theme can be drawn out onto a big sheet of paper first and can serve the purpose of being a reference as you start creating the puzzle.

Secondly, draw out the puzzle onto the foam board or the balsa wood. By using a pencil, draw one side of your structure out onto the balsa wood or the foam board. Draw the shapes and sizes of each piece out onto each of the puzzle’s sides. If you are new to this, it is recommended to draw larger-shaped puzzle pieces. You must start at the bottom of each piece of foam board or balsa wood and draw the jigsaw puzzle shapes by using a ruler when drawing the straight lines. Also recommended for beginners is to draw simple curved puzzle pieces. Do not forget the fact that you will have to cut each piece out with a straight edge.

Now you must cut out each puzzle piece with a straight edge or mat cutter. Be careful when you start cutting around the edges of each piece and you need to know that it is going to be a long and difficult process that might need to be completed in stages. After approximately one hour or so, your hands might become cramped. If you choose to use balsa wood, the pieces might need light sanding around the edges.

It is now time to put the puzzle together. Structures like the Eiffel Tower will be considerably easier to put together if you use some sort of inner support, like a triangular shaped block of wood. If you are making a globe-type jigsaw puzzle, you should use an inner support so that you’ll have something to build upon. We recommend using a rubber ball; it is efficient and very affordable.

Lastly, you need to paint the structure and we advise you to use acrylic paints because they are easier to work with than others, plus they clean up just as easy. You can use just about any color that you want, even if your building a globe-type puzzle, nobody can force you to make it like the real thing – use your imagination.

Leave it for a couple of hours to dry before taking the pieces apart. Once it is completely dry, take the jigsaw puzzle apart and store the pieces in a clean and dry box in order to avoid any damage.